Radiology’s increasing demands on Efficiency and Quality

As Radiologists work tirelessly to interpret images at an increasingly productive rate, there naturally exists an increased risk for error and misdiagnosis. These adverse events can lead to unnecessary procedures and even malpractice suits. Here’s a brief on the current environment and what you can do to support your team as you deliver comprehensive patient care.

Pressures of Productivity

Radiologists are now interpreting an ever-increasing volume of images. As these volumes increase, error rates increase as well. A recent study on body CT scans showed that when daily cases rose above 20, error rates rose significantly. Radiology has a documented error rate of 4.4 percent across all modalities, and up to 9.2 percent in certain sub-specialties.

Staffing Challenges

Miscommunication is a key factor in existing malpractice claims for individual radiologists and hospitals. This factor is compounded as hospitals and outpatient centers need to outsource their diagnostic readings to after-hours services or sub-specialty groups.

High Malpractice Claims

Radiology has one of the highest rates of malpractice claims, with up to 30 percent of radiologists facing malpractice lawsuits over the course of a career. 48 percent of malpractice claims were in inpatient settings, 43 percent in outpatient settings (most likely due to diagnostic issues,) and 9 percent in both.

 What does this mean?

  • Radiologists face high demands for speed, while managing pressures of industry-high malpractice claim rates
  • Errors can result in costly and unnecessary medical procedures
  • Hospitals and practices face the burden of malpractice costs

Questions to consider

Has your practice or institution faced the burden of a malpractice claim?

Have you performed an audit to determine if misdiagnoses are the cause of unnecessary medical procedures and insurance payouts?

Is your Radiology team stretched thin and working overtime? 

How RadiLens can help

RadiLens is building quality assurance tools that integrate directly with existing PACS. If you’re interested in learning more about our initiatives or joining our pilot program, contact us.

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