We help Healthcare Institutions and Radiology Practices focus their attention where it matters most by augmenting their teams with AI.

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RadiLens integrates with your existing PACS/RIS and uses AI to help prevent revenue leakage & delays so your patients get the care they need.

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Proactively eliminate leakage

RadiLens prevents revenue leakage and patient out-migration by using an NLP-driven engine to find patterns of likely follow-ups that have been missed. Our care navigation process helps close that loop, resulting in additional revenue for your system and the right care for your patients.

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Reduce wasted attention

Eliminate the time & attention spent monitoring complex rules-based worklists and filters. RadiLens analyzes metadata, clinical context, patient and scheduling information to intelligently route studies to a simplified set of shared or individual worklists.

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Save time for critical studies

RadiLens integrates seamlessly with your existing PACS/RIS (no new software to learn) and dynamically orders studies in each worklist, ensuring the best turnaround times for urgent cases.

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